• Question: how come you can get the same dreams again

    Asked by 995memp34 to Alex on 15 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Alex Reid

      Alex Reid answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      Hi 995memp34 thanks for the interesting question. It depends on the type of recurring dream. Your body is still sensitive to stimuli when you sleep and this can sometimes influence dream content. If it is thing keeps happening repeatedly at night this might lead to a similar recurring dream (for example needing to go to the toilet in dreams is quite common because you probably need to go in reality after being asleep for 8 hours!). Another reason is that dreams sometimes reflect ongoing concerns or worries, and sometimes these might even be things you are not fully aware of unless you really think about the dream when you are awake. For example, a student like yourself might dream repeatedly of being chased by a book with teeth if they are worried about studying for an upcoming exam! Meanings in dreams are highly subjective (personal) but they may contain ‘metaphors’ for real concerns or worries that you have in your waking life. If these concerns are ongoing I would imagine this is more likely to lead to a recurring dream.